AFTK National Karate Seminar 2015

On Sunday 20th September we held the AFTK National Karate Seminar 2015 in Ashgrove, Queensland.

The full day event was attended by 40 Karate-Ka, with men and women from as young as 10 and as old as 40++ coming from as far North as Mt Isa and as far South as Sydney.  We estimated that the group had over 400 years of collective experience in Karate!

The day commenced with a Tai Chi warm up from our Secretary, Glen Smith followed by his walking cane seminar.  Starting with the basics as well as some partner work, Glen took us through the use of a cane or hook umbrella as a self defense tool and closed the session by teaching us his cane Kata.

Glen Smith's Cane Kata
Glen Smith’s Cane Kata

In the next section I took the group through an application for a few of the moves from Heian Sandan.  We ran through a few rotations of Heian Sandan before partnering up and working through the Bunkai for the signature move from the Kata.

Straight after that session we held the Dan gradings before breaking for lunch.

Bob McMahon took the next session, presenting a lecture on the history and development of traditional karate.  This was followed by a more physical session of Kata dissection as well as a look at the Superman punch.

Shortly after, we held a meeting to discuss future AFTK events and identified an interest in more of the same.  Bob outlined his concept for a Budosai and we received some great feedback and suggestions.

Before closing for the day 3 students were awarded their Dan grades. Congratulations go to Kahlia Smith for her Sandan, Cathy Dickson for her Yondan and also Glen Smith for his Yondan.

The day seemed to be over far too soon and before we knew it was time to head home.

AFTK Seminar 2015
Attendees of the 2015 AFTK National Seminar

On behalf of the committee I’d like to thank all of those who attended the seminar and made it the success it was.  Your support and enthusiasm is what created such an enjoyable and memorable day.  Please pass our thanks on to all of your students.

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