About Us

The Australian Federation of Traditional Karate (AFTK Inc) was formed in 1999 under the name of the Traditional Karate Federation Inc (TKF Inc), in Queensland Australia by a small group of Karate enthusiasts. The change of name in 2003 was made to identify the organization as a distinctly independent Australian karate industry body and instructor’s association that caters to the needs of traditional karate practitioners.

The purpose of the AFTK is to promote traditional karate throughout Australia. The AFTK focuses on karate-do, ethics, technical seminars, workshops and all that is necessary to promote the spread of karate-do in Australia and to promote friendly beneficial relations between AFTK members.

Our members wear the traditional uniform, practice traditional kihon, kata, kumite; some train kobudo and all follow the traditional principles of Budo.

Our mission is to provide an instructors association with services to its members, such as reasonably priced insurance, Dan gradings as required and an instructors discussion forum.

The AFTK exists to serve its members.

To join our ever growing list of members, complete the online AFTK Membership Application. Alternatively, complete the hardcopy AFTK membership Form, complete all sections, sign and send to the Secretary.

Committee Members

The members of the AFTK Management Committee for the 2019-2020 year are:

President: Reece Cummings (reece@matsubayashi-ryu.com.au)
Vice-President: David Hennessey
Secretary/Treasurer: Glen Smith (bubishi@bigpond.net.au)
Committee Members: Mike Jordan, Dhanesh Walatara
Immediate Past President: Lester McCormick (manilla_Chidokai@bigpond.com)

Postal Address:
The Secretary
Pulgul Street
Urangan QLD 4655 AUSTRALIA