Dan Grading Requirements

The following outlines the guidelines the AFTK use to assess and award Dan grades.


AFTK Dan Gradings

As a service to its members; AFTK Dan Grading panels are convened by the AFTK Management Committee.  Such panels are formed at the total discretion of the AFTK Management Committee following submission and approval of an AFTK Dan Grading Application from a member organisation.

Special Note:

  1. Applications for a Dan Grading, by way of the AFTK Dan Grading process; will only be accepted from member organisations that do not have Dan Grading obligations elsewhere by virtue of their affiliation or membership to other organisations/entities.



The timing and location for AFTK Dan Grading Panel assessments rests exclusively with the AFTK Management Committee.



Make up and membership of any AFTK Dan Grading panel rests exclusively with the AFTK Management Committee and will be formed of certain member/s who are Dan Ranked Karate-Ka sufficiently experienced to conduct and sit in judgement of each Dan Graded level applied for.



All AFTK Dan Gradings will be conducted in accordance with Member Dojo Dan Grading syllabus and in accordance with the AFTK Ranking Criteria.  The AFTK Management Committee will provide all applicants with Grading Criteria once an application for Dan Grading has been received by the AFTK Management Committee; and, approval given by that Committee to accept the application; and; form a Dan grading Panel.

Special note:

  1. The AFTK Management Committee must accept and approve all Dan grading applications prior to any other action being taken.
  2. The AFTK Management Committee must satisfy itself that the details provided for and accompanying all applications for a Dan grading are valid, true and correct, and that they satisfy the requirements of the AFTK.
  3. If an application does not satisfy (b) above, or; if for any other reason the AFTK Management Committee is unable to approve an application for a Dan Grading; that decision must be relayed to the applicant within 14 days of the Committee’s decision.
  4. If (c) applies; applicant/s are to be given the opportunity to clarify and respond to such a decision; upon receipt of any such further information from an applicant; the AFTK Management Committee will reconsider the application.
  5. Grading criteria shall contain, but not be limited to; names/titles/Dan level of panel members, date time and location of the Dan grading panel assessment and any other requirements of the applicant for the Dan Grading Panel assessment.


Where applicable, an applicant thesis must be based on technical or historical research connected to traditional Karate.  It is considered more favourable if the thesis/research has been published.  All such submissions must be in printed form and meet the minimum requirements as set out in the “Typical Regular Rank Standards” for the respective grade.

Successful Applicants

All successful applicants will be presented with an AFTK Registered Dan Grading Certificate.  Their grade will also be recorded in the records of the AFTK.

Unsuccessful Applicants

If the applicant does not achieve the rank promotion then the applicant will be;

  1. Provided with a written explanation of the Dan Grading Panel’s decision.
  2. Provided with an agreed time period to rectify any concerns listed by the Dan Grading Panel.
  3. Allowed to complete the criteria free of charge after such a recommended time period has expired.

If the applicant does not then pass the subsequent attempt at the rank first applied for; any subsequent attempts to grade at that same level; will attract a fee of half the normal grading fee applicable to the grade attempted.

Grading Fees

All grading applications attract a grading fee.  The Grading fees as at October 2015 are outlined below and may be subject to change without prior notice.

1st Dan –    Shodan              $100.00

2nd Dan –    Nidan                 $150.00

3rd Dan –    Sandan              $200.00

4th Dan –    Yondan              $250.00

5th Dan –    Godan               $300.00

6th Dan –    Rokudan            $350.00

7th Dan –    Shichidan           $400.00

8th Dan –    Hachidan            $450.00

9th Dan –    Kyudan              $500.00


Special Note:

  1. All grading fees must be paid at the time an application for Dan Grading is lodged.
  2. Grading fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.


Time and Age Requirements

The following age and time intervals requirements apply to Dan Grades within the AFTK.

Grade Minimum years of training at previous grade Minimum total years of training Minimum age
1st Dan (Shodan) 3 3 16
2nd Dan (Nidan) 2 5 18
3rd Dan (Sandan) 3 8 21
4th Dan (Yondan) 4 12 25
5th Dan (Godan) 5 17 30
6th Dan (Rokudan) 6 23 36
7th Dan (Shichidan) 7 30 42
8th Dan (Hachidan) 8 38 50
9th Dan (Kyudan) 9 47 59
10th Dan (Judan) 10 57 69


Special Note:

  1. Time and age requirements are as a guide.
  2. An AFTK Grading Assessment Panel can, with the unanimous support of the AFTK Committee, approve an applicant to a certain Dan level should the applicants circumstances warrant such a decision.